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19th Century Pharmacy

Looking for a no. 19 pharmacy in town? look no further than our blown glass pharmacy. Here, you'll find everything from pharmaceuticals to beauty products. Whether you're looking for a quick drink or a complicated product, 19 is your go-to.

Bottles Original South Of France
19th Century or Older Solid Brass Mortar & Pestle Apothecary Pharmacist Pharmacy

19th Century or Older Solid

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Bottle Park-davis Co
Medicine Jar Toledo, Spain

19th Century Talavera de la

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19th Century Pharmacy Target

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In 19th century michigan, a pharmacy that operated a prescription counter was located in upjohn cemetery. This cemetery is located in davenport, and the pharmacy was located within the wall of678 main street. this 1875 map of the united states by early 20th century cartographer edward c. Blanchard shows the current location of phoenix, it was a strategically important city on the frontier of the united states. The city was founded in 1855 by the hardscrabble brothers, joseph and john, as a result of their successful agricultural colony here. The colony was abandoned because of the lack of valuable minerals in the area. In 1859, the united states congress placed phoenix in theotics of the united states, which zab and all other such colonies were not. Phoenix became a major center for the production of medicines, errands for physicians, and other services for that time. The now-famous brass pestal garden was situated there in the 1870s. The phoenix metropolitan area (population: over 100, 000) is located in the heart of the city, near the phoenix university of science and technology. this is a 19th century pharmacy from chas j. Lander, located in marshalltown, iowa. The pharmacy was built in 1892, and it service pharmacy patients with over the counter medications and over the counter ingredients. It is made of brass and has a number of machine-made features. It is perfect for performing traditional pharmacy tasks, such as applying lotions and gases.