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Pharmacy Jars

This large 14 tall apothecary pharmacy jar clear ribbed sides vintage urn shape is a great addition to your pharmacy. It is made of durable plastic and has a plain ribbed side. It is large enough to store your medications and is easy to find when you are looking for a particular product. This jar is perfect for yourt medications and is a great addition to your pharmacy.

Pharmacy Jar

The pharmacy jar is a great way to keep your pharmacy supplies close by when not in use. It comes with a lot of different tools to help you work with pharmacy ingredients and products. This jars of gourmet pharmacy jar is perfect for storing your pharmacy supplies while they're still in use.

Cheap Pharmacy Jars

This pharmacy jars is made of historic quartz glass and features a cream white gold trim. It is 8. 5 cream white gold and has a jar lid with a black corn tortilla shell. The pharmacy is configured with industrial-quality jars and containers. This jar lid is from a pharmacy that manufactured apothecary pharmacy jars in the past. this vintage like no other glass apothecary jar with lid drug store pharmacy is back in stock and will be a great addition to your pharmaceutical collection. This jar is filled with vintage variety of clear glass and it is perfect for any cold medicines needs. This jar is also handwashed with warm water and means you can be sure your medication is fresh and successful. these jars are rare because they are from an original patient of dr. Kepler's who was in a failing health. The jar is almost 20 years old and has many intact and beautiful pharmacist's staff bottle seal. The jar is currently for sale at $2, this is a pharmacy jar from an old 19th century pharmacy. It is made of old amber glass and has a stopper on it. Thelabel under the glass is from a pharmacy. This jar has some old antique_ finally a pharmacy jar that is still in great condition!