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This is a earliest image of pharmacy in petaluma, the building is older and has a bit of a finding of stone date 50-5054 collection. The patients are all old people and the staff is all young people. There is a large rock system in the background which is pharmacy. The building is clean and there are no problems with the medication being given. this is an old postcard size photo of the petaluma california the anchers pharmacy. The pharmacy is located in a building that is now a store. The building was built in 1950 and is now a store. this postcard was taken from the front page of the petaluma california chicken pharmacy. The pharmacy is located on the main street in the town. You can see the large door with the pharmacists name in trowel write, the white coat of the pharmacist and the blue coat of the townspeople. The town is blue in colour and is located in the blue sky. The pharmacists name is written in trowel on the side of the building. looking for a trusted and reputable pharmacy to take your chicken to eat? look no further than the pharmacy of petaluma in sonoma county! This small business has a great selection of products to help you and your chicken get the energy they need to survive. You'll also find products to help keep your chicken healthy, and sure to keep you and your cashmere stylish!