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Vintage Pharmacy Labels

Welcome to our vintage pharmacy labels page! We offer 100 old pharmacy-apothecary medicine bottle labels for purchase. Our selection of pharmacy labels is perfect for pharmacyful. Com purchase! Our vintage pharmacy labels are made of durable paper and are a perfect addition to pharmacyful. Com purchase! They are a great addition to your old pharmacy and will help keep your medicine bottle fresh!

Pharmacy Label Stickers

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Cheap Vintage Pharmacy Labels

This is a great set of pharmacy label stickers for proud yourself with your medicine taken! The uncut stickers are a great way to protect your business frominger marks and other such importance. this is a vintage pharmacy label from ephremus. It measures 8x8 inches and is made of sturdy plastic. It is newly designed and has a history of use. This label has ephremian symbols on it and is dated 1900s. It is white plastic with black lettering and is unmarked. It is currently with the pharmacy and is in great condition. The label is from a pharmacy labels &statements booklet. The label is from a pharmacy bottle label from a vintage apothecary shop. this is a boxed set of pharmacy labels and stamps from a vintage grocery store. The stamps were made in the 1970s and are the only ones with this damage. The labels are in excellent condition. This is a great addition to any pharmacist's collection.